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Fall 2010 Election – Offices

My default vote is Republican, although I am usually more conservative than the typical Republican, particularly the typical California Republican. I find myself “holding my nose and pulling the lever” pretty frequently, and this election is no exception.

Note: My votes for the ballot initiatives can be found here.

US Senator – Carly Fiorina (R)

Barbara Boxer is an embarrassment, and needs to be sent home. As a tech guy, I didn’t like Ms. Fiorina when she ran H-P, but looking backward she saved the company.

I find myself getting angry at the Boxer ads about Fiorina having sent jobs to China when much of the drive to outsource results from Democratic policies that are hostile to corporations and employers.

US Representative – Mattie Fein (CA-36) and Star Parker (CA-37)

I live in CA-36 and am currently represented by Democrat Jane Harman.  I hope to be represented by Republican Mattie Fein.  Frankly, I don’t know much about Ms. Fein, but she isn’t Jane Harman.

I wish I fell into CA-37, because Star Parker is a candidate I am excited about. She is an exceptionally rare individual; a black woman who is more conservative than I am!

California Governor- Meg Whitman (R)

Meg Whitman is not Jerry Brown, which is enough by itself.  Some say she will just be another Arnold.  That would be a shame, but even the Arnold we got was an improvement over Grey Davis, and Meg Whitman is certain to be better than Jerry Brown.

As an aside, the Libertarian candidate is Dale Ogden, a fellow San Pedran, an acquaintance of mine,  and a fellow member and former Exalted Ruler of the Elks lodge in San Pedro. My heart wants to vote for Dale, but my head says Jerry Brown needs to be retired from elected office.

California Lt. Governor – Pamela Brown (Libertarian)

I don’t care for Gavin Newsom. In San Francisco, Mayor “Loathsome” needlessly started the latest gay marriage kerfuffle by issuing licenses to gay couples, for no other reason than personal aggrandizement.

Abel Maldonado (R-ino) has arguably better positions than Newsom, but is not to be trusted.  His career has been about keeping himself in office rather than in advancing the best agenda for California.  He is emblematic of everything wrong with the California Republican establishment.

California Secretary of State – Damon Dunn (R)
California Attorney General – Steve Cooley (R)
California Controller – Tony Strickland (R)
California Treasurer – Mimi Walters (R)
California Insurance Commissioner – Mike Villines (R)

I don’t know much about these races, but will vote Republican on general principles. I like Damon Dunn, a solid black conservative in the mold of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Larry Elder.

California State Senator – District 28 – John Stammreich

John is also a fellow San Pedran and Knight of Columbus, and my vote for him is my most enthusiastic on the ballot. That I get to vote against Jenny Oropeza is a big bonus!

California State Assembly – District 54 – Martha Flores-Gibson

The R after her name is the only thing I know about Flores-Gibson, but I know plenty about Bonnie Lowenthal (the incumbent) from her days in Long Beach. This is an easy call.

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  1. Ellen Swensen says

    Yes, John Stammreich is an EXCELLENT candidate for state Senate. He is endorsed by a group called Independence Caucus, which strictly vets candidates on their knowledge and commitment to the Constitution. He has all the right background to replace that terrible Oropeza.

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