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Fun concert …

Yesterday evening my wife and I saw Pat Benatar at the Los Angeles County Fair.  Pat Benatar is one of my wife’s favorites, second only to Sir Elton.  Benatar isn’t one of my favorites, but the tickets were a birthday gift for my wife.  But I really enjoyed it!

I like seeing shows at the LA Fair.  They don’t have an amphitheater, instead they use the grandstand of the horse track, and setup the stage immediately in front.  It was loud, and the sound was OK, but that isn’t the point.
–> Update: see a picture from our seats below.

The show was opened by Terri Nunn, the lead singer of the 80’s new wave-ish group Berlin.  It was a short set .. she sang their hits.  Good fun .. the songs took me back!

We both really enjoyed Pat Benatar.  She tries to give equal billing to her husband (and the lead guitarist) Neil Giraldo, but that isn’t reality.  She sang all of her old favorites, a few in some interesting re-mixes.  Her rendition of “Hell is for Children” was particularly haunting.  She doesn’t have quite the range she did 20 years ago, but the music is still wonderful.

I hope she comes to the fair next year, we’ll see her again!

Trivia note .. Pat Benatar is of Polish heritage, born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski.

View from our seats!

The view from our seats ..

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