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Haiti – Bring the victims here?

Hugh Hewitt has an interesting idea.

… the American forces arriving should be loading the most desperately broken people and (flown) everywhere in the U.S. for the basic treatment available in every emergency room in America.

It will cost a fortune, and it requires a suspension of our ordinary rules of ingress, but there is no way the country can deal with this except by exporting its wounded and importing massive amounts of resources.  There really isn’t a choice here, just a question of whether or not the country will do the right thing quickly.

I agree, but we need to understand something.  Those brought here will end up staying here. The American people are generous and kind-hearted.  The injured will be treated, and they will be adopted by churches, schools and the local Haitian community wherever they end up.  Most will not want to go home, and the likelihood of the Obama administration forcibly deporting a Haitian earthquake refugee is zero.

Far more likely is that they become anchors, and bring their families.  I guess I am OK with that too.

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