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Citizen’s United .. Part 2

A story in the Sacramento Bee is illustrative of the liberal distress over the Citizens United decision. Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, is a Republican running for Governor of California and is looking pretty good so far.  An unprecedented amount of union and liberal activist money (over $40 million) is expected to go to three “committees” targeting her.

Until the Citizens United decision, corporations and business people could not support her or target her opponent (Governor Moonbeam), which is how the liberals like it.  They want to be able to spend and shout, and to use campaign finance laws to muzzle the opposition. Their ability to do this is dramatically curtailed!

BTW — I have not yet decided whether I support Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner, the other Republican.  The Republican primary election is June 8, 2010.

h/t Hugh Hewitt

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  1. obi-wan kenobi says

    Moonbeam has a bunch of cleantech venture capitalists on his side – the electric car/solar panel/wind energy people. Its not all union money. Also he’s got T-Boone Pickens, it was on KGO news. I guess if you’re going up against a billionaire, you need to counter with billionaires.

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