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World Cup – Day 6

Today was an amazing day in the tournament.

Honduras 0 – Chile 1

Interesting match on paper, but (as of now) it has been sacrificed to the need to support the family! I hope to catch up (and update the post) over the weekend.

Spain 0 – Switzerland 1

This is one of those uniquely soccer results, because the Spaniards really did outplay the Swiss; the Swiss put one of their very few chances away while the Spanish failed to convert a great many more. In typical Spanish fashion they whined about the referee, but Mr. Webb and his team got the big decisions right.

I won’t go so far as to say I called this match, but I knew that Spain was going to get a game from the Swiss.

South Africa 0 – Uruguay 3

This result surprised me.  I am not surprised that Uruguay won, but I am surprised that they gave the Bafana Bafana such a thumping.

The third goal put Uruguay in a great position to advance from Group A, which will likely require the tie-breaking rules be consulted.  The France-Mexico match tomorrow (17-June) is now even more intriguing!

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