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Why I am voting for Trump

A rash of principled conservatives, some of whom I admire, have recently published pieces on why they are not voting for Trump.
–> David French, Peggy Noonan, Mitt Romney, Jay Nordlinger among others

I think they are making an error, and the reason is quite simple. The Presidential election is BINARY .. either Republican or Democrat. To not vote Republican if you fit better on the Republican side of the fence is effectively to vote Democrat. Pragmatism must take second place to idealism in the final Presidential election. There was a time in the process where one could tilt at windmills .. that time has passed. While we pretend that the election is multi-party, that is illusory.

My primary factor in voting is who I would rather have governing. Not who I like better. Not who has better commercials. Not who has a less corrupt family. WHO WILL GOVERN BETTER. And that is clear, based on the last four years. Trump is a buffoon and a loudmouth jerk. He has also GOVERNED quite well from a conservative point of view. Great appointments, decent policy, decent agreements. He moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, dialed back the Middle East activity, encouraged oil production, and got a tax cut passed. The NYT of all places has a (grudging) list of Trumps accomplishments. It is pretty long.

Do I think Trump is going to win? No. The facts suggest clearly that Biden will win decisively.

I wish he would though … the country would be better off.

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