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In one sentence, I am a husband, father, Catholic, technologist, and water polo referee.

  • Husband and Father

Family is the foundation of a well-lived life, and nothing brings greater joy.  I was married in 1991, and we had a daughter a year later.   Our daughter graduated from college a few years ago, is working in Sales for an internet company, and will be getting married to a great man this summer.

  • Catholic

I am a committed, practicing Roman Catholic; I converted from atheism and was initiated into the church at the 1993 Easter Vigil.  I primarily attend Holy Trinity Church in San Pedro.  I belong to the Knights of Columbus,  Angels Gate chapter #1740 .

  • Technologist

Technology exists to solve problems and make our lives easier.  I am pretty good at facilitating the process.  You can see more about me professionally on my StackOverflow CV and my LinkedIn profile.

Note that this doesn’t mean that I am a gadget freak. I work hard and value my money too much to spend it frivolously. I have a Kindle and work provides a cell phone, but I have no gaming consoles, no BluRay, no surround sound, and only a normal sized TV.  If technology doesn’t look to make life better, I don’t buy it.

  • Water Polo Referee

Water polo is a wonderful sport, it brings out the best in the athletes and it is excellent preparation for life.  I regularly referee age group and high school contests.  It keeps me close to the game and gets me out of the house.

Note: I follow politics, and much of this blog will focus on politics, so I have summarized my political thoughts in this post.