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DC United fever?

I love soccer.  I played it as a kid, before I moved to California and got into water polo. 3 years ago I happened across a UEFA Champions League broadcast on ESPN2, got soccer on the brain again, and started paying attention to professional soccer.  I have come to enjoy watching soccer; the “American” sports seem to have more commercials than they do action.

What prompted this post is an article on the Soccer America website.  Hans Backe, new coach of the New York Red Bulls, is Swedish, and was required to get a work visa before entering the US.    Turns out the US consul in Stockholm is a die-hard DC United fan, and ran on about DC United for 15 minutes before issuing the visa!

I think this is awesome .. it is wonderful to hear about a passionate supporter of an MLS team abroad!  One could expect to hear about Pau Gasol getting some grief from a Celtics fan, or Dirk Nowitski having to listen to a Lakers fan.  But soccer??  Perhaps a corner is turning for MLS and US pro soccer.

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