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Super Bowl: What a Game!

Man, it was a good game! I don’t necessarily think the *better* team won, but the more deserving one certainly did.  The Colts got timid when they took the lead, and stayed timid.  The Saints got aggressive when they fell behind, and stayed aggressive.

I loved the gutsy calls that Saints coach Sean Payton made.  Obviously, the onside kick was inspired!  And the 4th and goal call, even though it failed, was great.  The confidence it showed inspired the team, and they ended up better off than if they had kicked the field goal.  Contrast that with the Colts three and out immediately following .. the best 2 minute quarterback in the league, yet they run three up the middle with 2 minutes left.
I feel for Peyton Manning.  He had a good game, but it wasn’t up to his standards.  He had a couple of passes dropped, and the lone interception was the play that changed the game.  Given how much responsibility he has for audibles and adjustments, I do wonder if perhaps some of the timid “safe” play calls were his.  I have this sneaking suspicion that the game got to him.
Kudos to Drew Brees!  He played a great game, one of the best of his life, and certainly deserved the MVP.  He rose to the occasion,  playing exceptionally well in by far the biggest game of his career.  I don’t imagine he will buy a beer in New Orleans for a decade or so.
Finally a note about football karma.   When the Colts threw in the towel against the Jets and gave away the perfect season 6 weeks ago, they committed an offense against the game.  The game got it’s revenge.

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