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Chris Matthews calls Sarah Palin stupid …

I happened across a video of a Chris Matthews (MSNBC) discussion with Anne Kornblut (Washington Post), where he repeatedly slams her  as being stupid.  My gosh is he arrogant. And as is generally the case with a Beltway liberal, he is just wrong and has no clue that he is just wrong.  He assumes that because she doesn’t perform well in his arena (the unscripted conversation), that she is empty-headed.  He is mistaken.

Sarah Palin needs to improve her performance in interviews.  But despite her lack of a blue-chip education and her strange accent, the evidence is clear that she has something going on upstairs.

  • Just last weekend, she gave a coherent, moving, ordered, well-reasoned 45-minute speech on national televised speech from hand-written notes. Contrast that with the President, who needs a teleprompter for a 5 minute talk to 6 year olds.
  • She out-witted and took down the corrupt Alaska political machine. Contrast that with the President, who embraced the corrupt Chicago political machine.
  • She has repeatedly demonstrated courage and fortitude in personal and political situations that would humble lesser people.

I don’t think  Ms. Palin should  run for President in 2012. She should wait until 2016 or 2020.  And contrary to what others think, her gig at Fox is a great place for her, because it will allow her to improve her interviewing and will keep her in the public eye.  She is paying attention .. hosting the General Electric Theatre transformed Ronald Reagan.

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